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Mã: STR208

- Thiết bị được sản xuất tại Germany / Thụy Sỹ 
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- Sản phẩm bảo hành 12 tháng
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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The STR 155/208 one tank rack conveyor dishwasher delievers the power you need in peak times and saves energy when it's quiet. From automatic zone activation to variable speeds: the STR 155/208 adapts to the quantity of dishes you are washing and adapts to your specific dishwashing situation. 
Yet it takes up only a modest amount of space - just a niche or corner. Variable setup options allow you to adjust the cleaning process to your exact needs.

STR 155/208
Theoretical capacity [racks/h] 100-155/130-208
Machine length [mm] 1300 (1100 44'' Option)
Machine depth [mm] 800
Machine height [mm] 1420
Passage width [mm] 510
Passage height [mm] max. 460
Pump output [kW] 1.7
Tank temperatur [°C] 55-65
Boiler temperature [°C] 80-85
Rinse water consumption* [l/h] 260/350


* Under ideal conditions. The fresh water consumption depends on the on-site conditions. The precise adjustment takes place during commissioning.


Performane at your fingertips

  • High-Performance washing system
  • Optimum speed (standard and rapid programme)
  • Gentle glasswashing
  • Flexible washing with rack-activated zones

Flexible and multi-talented

  • compact machine dimensions
  • numerous setup possibilities according to individual requirements

Improve performance and save costs

  • Reduced rinse water volume
  • Continous tank water cleaning
  • All-round best protection
  • Reliable operation

Uncompromissingly hygienic

  • Smooth, seamless surfaces
  • Access all areas
  • Thoroughly clean - automatically
  • Contolled hygiene

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